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Our team

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Dr. Riddhi Joshi Jain
Zdravka Hristova


Indian Higher Order Study Group
Dr. Atul Patwardhan, Pune
Dr. Tushar Patwa, Mumbai
Dr. Michael Xavier, Tamil Nadu
Dr. Chandrashekar, Belgaum
Dr. Riddhi Jain, Mumbai
Dr. Rina Dedhiya, Pune
Dr. Nayan Ganava, Gujurat


International Higher Order Study Group

Gordana Sarotar, Croatia
Dr. Jiuan Heng, USA
Ulrike Schroeder, Germany
Dr Corrina Bendig, Germany
Zdravka Hristova, Bulgaria
Dr. An Debyser, Belgium
Dr. Marcia Huerliman, Switzerland
Dr. Ulrike Schuller-Schreib, Austria
Silke Fischer, Germany
Dr. Joanne Greenland, Australia


Russian - Adele Usmanova (Russia) 
Croatian - Gordana Sarotar (Croatia)
Bulgarian - Plamena Karaivanova and Zdravka Hristova (Bulgaria)
German - Ulrike Schroeder and Dr. Corrina Bendig (Germany)
French - Dr. Edith Moussa (Lebanon)
Portuguese - Dr. Marcia Cristina (Brazil)
Hungarian - Noemi Wagner (Hungary)

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